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Colaborate with us

There are several ways to collaborate and support our school in Turkana.

Important! include the Project code: 48tamaisan

With your monthly contribution you help us maintain the school every month. 

Food, teacher salaries, school supplies...

With a one-time donation you help us with maintenance and the projects we have each year, such as purchasing furniture and construction.

The Emalaikat Foundation is covered by the Spanish Law 49/2002. All contributions made before the end of the year are eligible for tax deductions in the following year, as follows:

For Natural Persons (IRPF):

Up to €150: 80%

Over €150: 35%

If you have donated to the Emalaikat Foundation in the past two years, the tax deduction increases to 40%.

For Legal Entities (IS):

General rule: 35% of the donations made.

For donations above €150, if you have donated an equal or higher amount to the same entity in the past two years: 80% deduction.

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