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TAMAISAN is the group in charge of developing 

St Irene Lobur
Primary school

This school is located in Lobur Mission in Turkana, Kenya. We are committed to the development of the children of this area to offer a hopeful future.  

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​How to collaborate

At the TAMAISAN group we seek the necessary financing to maintain the school each year. We also work on specific projects to develop the school and make it bigger.

All contributions are key to continue making St Irene Lobur Primary School great.


Our history

In 2016 TAMAISAN team, together with the Missionary Community of Saint Paul the Apostle (MCSPA), as counterpart in Kenya, and through the Emalaikat Foundation, decided to create a small school where they could feed about 30 children in the area.


Many of these children were used to eating just once a day and sometimes not even that. Given the importance of adequate nutrition at an early age in physical and intellectual growth, it was decided to build a nutritional center where you can also educate them, this is how St Irene Lobur Primary School was born.

St Irene Lobur Primary School
Our objetive

Education  has become one of the fundamental pillars in the Turkana Mission; We believe that it is the best way to give them the necessary tools to ensure a better future.

At TAMAISAN we have 2 key objectives:

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Our school is located in Turkana, the poorest region of Kenya, one of the poorest in Africa and with extreme living conditions.

This area of extreme poverty has a population of one million habitants, where living conditions are extreme, with an infant mortality rate of 22% and a life expectancy of 47 years and where the majority of the children does not have access to education.

Climate and location are the main causes. 

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Tamaisan = Smile in Turkana language
smile with us
Smile for Turkana
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