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Our school is located in Turkana, the poorest region of Kenya, one of the poorest in Africa and with extreme living conditions.

This area of extreme poverty has a population of one million inhabitants, where living conditions are extreme, with an infant mortality rate of 22% and a life expectancy of 47 years and where the majority of the child population does not have access to education.

Climate and location are the main causes:

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The Turkana region is classified as Semi-desert Savannah. Precipitation is very little throughout the year.


These climatic conditions give rise to the Turkana being a semi-nomadic population. They travel the region with their livestock in search of pasture and water.


Lobur's mission is located in the Ilemi Triangle, a conflict area between 3 countries Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia.


The drought is the cause of fighting between tribes in the area and what leads to Lobur being an unsafe area. The change from spears to AK 47 aggravates the conflict, leading to deadly attacks.

Pastures and access to water condition their movements and LIFE.
Lobur Mission

The mission is not to work with them, but to remain, accompany them and hope that the culture of peace prevails for a long time.

Since the construction of the Lobur Mission, aclimate of peace which has made children stop growing up in the culture of fear and communities can begin to develop.

The Lobur Mission aims at 4 main areas of development:





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"In Turkana you find beauty and dignity in people who have practically nothing"

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